Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, The second largest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet.

Pune Ghat Roads- On the way to Tapola Road.

Luminance HDR 2.3.1 tonemapping parameters:
Operator: Mantiuk06
Contrast Equalization factor: 0.9
Saturation Factor: 1.59 
Detail Factor: 68.4 
PreGamma: 1

The Clock Tower at Mumbai University.

What I realized when I was exploring Mumbai was this- Sometimes Chauffeurs and Cab Drivers can give you a much faster and better tour of the city than anybody else. They even add historical tit-bits to very small places which makes the trip even more interesting.

Tilt Shift HDR Photography using a 5MP Nokia C3-01. This is just to show that you don’t need and awesome camera to get awesome photographs!

Basically I’ve mixed two aspects of post-processing here.
1.HDR and 2.The Tilt Shift Effect.

These techniques involve heavy post-processing which means it takes a long time to generate a decent output.

I know it sounds very technical and fancy but frankly it is very easy. Anyone can do it. Just google it up. :)

Architecture of the Golconda. How were they able to make such long lasting structures many centuries ago? These structures still stand proud and firm (although crumbling in a few places). It’s inspiring to see such design and learn from them.

There is a temple right next to an orphanage and the dome was filled with lovely contrasting colours. I’m glad I was able to bring out those colours.

“It was not born. It will never die. Nor once having been, can it ever cease to be. Unborn, Eternal, Ever enduring, yet most ancient, the Spirit dies not when the body dies.”
— Bhagavad Gita (via nirvanibliss)

(via nirvanibliss-deactivated2012051)